Pottery has had a major impact on my life, and has helped make me who I am today. I have been making pottery since the 8th grade, and during high school I would take classes at school while also getting one on one training with a local potter. I then decided to take a leap of faith and go to a craft school out in the blue Ridge Mountains. The first time I went I had no clue what I was getting into. I arrived to the school when it was dark and mysterious out. The school has a large campus that is surrounded by huge trees. When I awoke in the morning and looked out side i was taken way with the beauty of the south. I eventually went back to the school three different times for two months at a time. On the third trip I knew that if i was going to pursue pottery as a career I would have to stay in North Carolina. Unfortunately this didn't work out, but this event in my life lead me to a new career choice.


My early years have been well documented thanks to my father's obsession with capturing events on his old film video camera. This was my first interaction with video and cameras, my father would put the camera in our hands and say “you gotta make sure you're not shaking the camera to much! It makes Dad sick!”. I remember looking at the camera and being so confused on how anyone could operate such a thing. There are buttons everywhere, and it's was so hard to get a steady shot. Later on I would always ask my parents for a camera, and I can remember one year after asking them for one for christmas my brothers where opening a gift and when they revealed what was under the wrapping paper my heart dropped. I then tore open all my gifts, but no camera. So I took things into my own hands and bought myself my first video camera. It was such a glorious day! Recently I started doing freelance work, and can't believe how far I have come since that camera.


Just like how I got my first video camera, my first DSLR came the same way. I first started out with a Canon Rebel T3i. This camera captured all of my teenage antics, and was all over the country. I have picture of the Grand Tetons in Wyoming all the way to the beaches of Georgia. At that point in my life I was traveling back and forth from North Carolina and Colorado. I then upgraded my rig to the Canon 70d. This was my dream camera and like the Rebel T3i it traveled a lot throughout its life. The photos and video that these two cameras have produced are representations of my past, and tell the story of my years out of high school, going to Craft School, and now ending up in School at CMC. I now am in the Professional Photography program to learn more about color, composition, and lighting to better my videography, and photography skills.


Drones have been a new addition to my life. I have recently gotten certified to Fly a drone for commercial use, and have started getting some freelance work. My idea behind getting the licenses is to be able to not only have the ability to be hired to fly, but also be able to use it for my own projects. Ever since working in the schools gear closet I would bug my boss about how I can get my hand on one of the drones, so the only way that anyone can check out the schools drones is to get your commercial pilots licenses.

About Me

My name is benjamin hunter and was born in fort collins colorado. I'm 22 years old and have recently been attending Colorado Mountain College studying Digital Media and Photography. After graduating from high school I studied pottery at a craft school in North Carolina called Penland School of Craft. My time in North Carolina taught how to appreciate art in all forms and sizes, and saw artists living purely off of their creations that they made by hand. This is what drives me to finish school, so that I can go and do the same.


Email:Benjamin.t.c.h.14@gmail.com Instagram:@BeanHamen